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Project Description

Ever chat with another parent while waiting to pick up your child from school, ask for the number of her son’s beloved piano teacher, jot it down on a napkin from the glove box, then get home to find your child used the napkin to wipe up her juice box spill? Ever open up your tax folder to begin preparing your return, only to realize that you had some unusual circumstance that would be better handled by a professional, except you don’t know any good accountants? Ever get a great suggestion for a plumber from your neighbor at a barbeque, only to get home and realize you forgot the plumber’s name, or worse, dropped his business card in the sprinkler?

Yeah, us too. MyServiceVine started with a community of friends who thought the word-of-mouth system was helpful but a little too accident-prone for finding the best service providers. We wanted to be able to ask all our friends at once for their recommendations of outstanding piano teachers, babysitters, accountants, doctors, plumbers, and more. And we got tired of not being able to find that great service provider’s contact info when we needed it.

So we designed MyServiceVine to connect with friends and their outstanding service providers. The recommendations come from people you know and trust. Our members are not posting reviews just to win a gift card or elite community status (although we do say thank you by donating to charity). They’re doing it because they got as frustrated as we did losing napkins with important phone numbers and trying to find the neighbor’s plumber in the Yellow Pages when you’ve forgotten his name.

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