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Welcome to ItemSource. We strive to make your EQ item buying experience a positive one. This site is currently being updated constantly in order to improve it. We are attempting to add content that will further enhance our ability to service our auction winners. Please drop us an email if you have any suggestions to help improve the information on this site..

We have added a real time status indicator to let people know when we are online for deliveries. Please give it a try, we think it will make contacting us much easier. We will also be working on adding supplemental lists of items that we have not yet put up for auction. Many of these may be inexpensive items that do not warrant the fees associated with maintaining an auction for them. Please browse through the server lists to see if anything there interests you. Also be sure to check back as these lists will be changing.

We normally send out winning bidder notifications within several hours of the auction ending. If you do not receive one shortly after the auction ends, please email us asking for one. This usually indicates email problems or an outdated email address on the bidders end. We have found this to be the biggest source of problems in the auctions we have completed in the past.

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