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Real Estate Marbles is a community real estate news site where you’ll find real estate news you can actually use. In our weekly video we take current national real estate news and break it down to a consumer level so you can understand what it means to you. Real Estate Marbles also has a community of real estate professionals from around the country who blog weekly about their local market area. There is no better source for local real estate information than from those that are in the industry. Simply search for your area and you’ll find a professional near you. Don’t forget about the community! Create an account for free and you can ask questions in the Community Buzz where you’ll get answers from professionals across the country.

Real Estate Marbles is a community real estate news and information site where YOU become the news in your local area. Simply create an account for free, create a blog and start blogging about your local market area. When a consumer makes the decision to search their local area from the home page, guess who shows up? YOU! So make sure you blog at least weekly. Not sure how to blog? No problem. Click on the “Blogging Tips” tab and learn how. Real Estate Marbles is also a vibrant community of real estate professionals. Meet your peers in the Community Buzz and friend them. Send private messages, live chat with them or even video chat. Form or join a group in the “Groups” tab. These groups can be public or private. Want to form a private group just for your office to brainstorm strategies? Go for it! Real Estate Marbles is open to ALL real estate professionals. Realtors, Lenders, Appraisers, Title and Escrow, Wholesale Lenders, Pest Control, Home Inspectors, Product Vendors – who ever! Join, blog and participate!

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