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Green Liquefied Natural Gas Limited

  • Client : Abhishek Shakya
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  • Date : 27 Nov 20
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  • Location : Nigeria

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Gas Pipeline Network is in limited areas and the quickest solution to capture this growing market is CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). With the advent of the “Gas on Wheels” methodology, gas distribution has been actively gathering momentum. However, supply of CNG is flawed after a distance range of 200 Kms. One solution that can effectively tackle this flaw is the adoption of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) as an alternative to CNG most especially for longer distances. LNG has a higher calorific value, is more economical in terms of higher volume of gas being transported (6x more than CNG). First Delivery Expected by Q4 2021.

Green Fuels Limited (GFL) established an SPV called Green Liquified Natural Gas Limited (GLNG) in view to cater to the power needs of industrial customers and also in the final stages of developing a $40 million mini-LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) facility in the Southwestern part of Nigeria. It consists of multiple LNG plants of 144 TPD each with an equivalent capacity of 200,000 SCM of gas per day, enabling the company to deliver a large quantum of gas at a reasonable cost anywhere in Nigeria. Industrial customers in Nigeria face severe power issues both in terms of reliability and quantity of power. There are Giga Watts of captive solutions in place today but are expensive and require specialized skills/mangement. GLNG with the intention of meeting her customers’ needs, delivers higher natural gas volumes through virtual pipelines (LNG) to stranded customers in many areas within Nigeria.

The LNG station has been designed with 1 x 200,000 SCMD Liquefaction facility, along with numerous ancillary systems providing security and favourable operating conditions. The entire Liquefaction facility contains state-of-the-art fire and gas detection systems which complement the emergency slam shut valves installed in the gas supply system. The electrical panels all contain fire suppression mechanisms to prevent fire damage, and the compressor house itself has been designed to provide suitable emergency exits with fire containment as a core consideration. GLNG will operate with a fleet of ultra-modern trucks to pull various sizes of LNG Storage and delivery vessels with a storage capacity of 26,000 SCM which will be used to deliver LNG to customers.